The bank that cares about more than money

Here’s a fascinating article about Handelsbanken, the Swedish bank that has over 200 branches in the UK and is the fastest growing bank in the UK. The article explains how the bank  has a very different approach from the typical large banks,  which are very focused on finding the benefits of large-scale. Handelsbanken  is much Read more about The bank that cares about more than money[…]

Humans – simply imperfect machines?

Sometimes, I forget I am an animal. Carried away with my ability to think, to calculate and analyse, to plan and strategise, I forget that I have a body with its own urges and needs, its own intelligence and ways of experiencing the world. I forget to honour my body’s need to move, to breathe Read more about Humans – simply imperfect machines?[…]

Love and the corporation

28 years ago I travelled with a backpack in the north-east of Thailand, staying in guesthouses and visiting towns and small villages. It was an amazing experience. I fell in love with the people, who sought to live their lives with dignity and joy whilst struggling to survive in a poor and very dry region. Read more about Love and the corporation[…]

Farewell to feudalism? Time to change company law!

It is a rare thing to hear a Conservative prime minister call for more responsible capitalism. Theresa May’s remarks at the recent  party conference of the UK’s Conservativeare party are a sign that large corporations are breaking the unwritten contract they have with society. Corporate scandals that regularly hit the headlines (most recently Sports Direct and BHS, Read more about Farewell to feudalism? Time to change company law![…]