Love and the corporation

28 years ago I travelled with a backpack in the north-east of Thailand, staying in guesthouses and visiting towns and small villages. It was an amazing experience. I fell in love with the people, who sought to live their lives with dignity and joy whilst struggling to survive in a poor and very dry region. Read more about Love and the corporation[…]

Reflections on the 2016 Human Organising Festival

Here’s some reflections I had after the first Human Organising Festival in June: Firstly, here’s a selection of comments from participants: “what a great festival it was!  Congratulations! And thank you for the inspiration.” “Well done on organising an inspiring gathering.” “Thanks so much for this extraordinary festival.” “I think there is a huge need Read more about Reflections on the 2016 Human Organising Festival[…]

Lessons from Mars

A few years ago I interviewed John Bannister, who spent over 27 years with Mars confectionery. He was general manager of the Slough factory in the 1980s, responsible for over 3000 staff.   I had heard some interesting remarks about the company, which is one the largest privately owned companies in the world.   What lessons might Read more about Lessons from Mars[…]

Notes from gathering – 10 November

Here’s the notes from the latest Human Organising Project gathering. Note the recurrent reference to “Teal”. This is borrowed from Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations. In our conversation, we used it as a shorthand for “next stage” organisations, ones that are more values-driven than profits-driven. In the first part of the conversation, we explored various Read more about Notes from gathering – 10 November[…]

Notes of gathering – 8 September 2015

What does success look like and how do you measure it? Is it about numbers alone? If so, the gathering of the Human Organising Project at St Ethelburgas earlier this month was a failure, Two of us turned up, compared to 11 previously. But numbers don’t serve to measure anything interesting or complex. A kilo Read more about Notes of gathering – 8 September 2015[…]

Enlivening Edge

There is currently a surge in interest in ‘next-stage organizations’, meaning those organizations that move beyond power and control paradigms, embrace complexity and seek to draw on the talents and passion of all those within the organisation. There have been renegades and prophets in this field for many years (Dee Hock, Ricardo Semler, E.F Schumacher Read more about Enlivening Edge[…]

Organising the Human Organising Project

I always advocate that you should organize a group or organisation in a way that is congruent with the message you’re trying to impart to the world. Organising the Human Organising Project thus presents two simultaneous challenges – how to organise the project and how to carry it out. A good starting point is to Read more about Organising the Human Organising Project[…]

Responsive? Agile?

There is a lot of interest in business in the concept of “agile” or “responsive” businesses. Some people have got interested enough to set up a website and write a manifesto. See here Here are some extracts from their manifesto: “The tension between organizations optimized for predictability and the unpredictable world they inhabit has reached Read more about Responsive? Agile?[…]