26th November 2016


future-peopleThe Future of the Corporation

20th January 2017 – 6pm to 9 pm.

Cecil Sharp House – in Storrow Hall,    2 Regent’s Park Road,  London  NW1 7A

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker


The world is changing fast and we can all be active in re-shaping our organisations to ensure they are fit for purpose and fit for the humans who work in them. Many organisations are doing just that, adopting new, more human approaches to organising, including agile, responsive and teal, to name just a few. Most are small to medium sized businesses (the bigger ones incude Zappos, Morning Star, Favi, etc.) who are nimble enough to be able to change and experiment. Meanwhile larger corporations are much slower to react. Perhaps they are too large to feel the ripples. Yet even large corporations, eventually, will have to adapt to the changing demands of the world or face extinction like the dinosaurs.

It is likely that humanity in the future will still need large scale organisation in some form. So

  • what will future corporations look like?
  • what role will they play in society?
  • what roles will “employees” have within them?
  • will they be structured to maximise profit, or something else?
  • Who will own them? Will they be “owned” at all?

The event

In this interactive and participatory event, through stories, imaginative enactment and discussion, we will look at the present and start creating the future.

The evening will include stories from the front-line. These first-hand accounts from people who have worked for large corporations including BP and Kingfisher. The rest of the evening will be highly interactive, include some role-play, small group sessions and facilitated discussions. Drawing on what we have heard and what we bring, our facilitators will aim to access the collective wisdom of the room for the benefit of all.

Who is it for?   This event is designed for:

  • people working in or with corporations who don’t often have the opportunity to explore this topic openly and honestly;
  • anyone thoughtful about the future of our world, and the role of corporations in it

Practical details

Time and date:         Friday 20th January 2017, from 6 pm to 9 pm

Venue:   Central London (venue to be confirmed).

Price: Early bird (to 30 December)   – £10.

Full price (after 1 January) – £15

Discount for 2 or more people booking together (group)

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This event is organised by the Human Organising Project, which has been set up to explore more human ways of organising. Notes from the event will be made available on-line. This event is part of a broad movement of activists who are committed to transforming our organisations to heal our world.