28th September 2015

Get involved

Come to one of our gatherings. All held on Tuesdays in London from 6.30 pm to 8 p.m.

2016 provisional dates:  20th September, 18th October, 15th November.

Venue: Next gathering will be held at South Bank University, Clarence Centre, 6 St George’s Circus, London SE1 6FE. Other venues to be confirmed.

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5 thoughts on “Get involved

  • Please talk to me about my facilitating / curating the embodiment / movement element of the HOP Festival.



  • Dear Andrew
    I came across your project via “Putting the Soul back into Business”. My own project “the Campaign for Triple Purpose Capitalism” has considerable resonance, in my view, with what you are trying to do particularly in the area of individual’s personal responsibilities to act in a caring manner at work towards one another and the environment.

    Please see http://triplepurpose.org/about/ for a summary or http://www.triplepurpose.org for the whole story.

    I would be interested in your views

  • I was referred to you by Maggie at the League of Intrapreneurs – will come to your gathering in October. It would be great if you could tell us in an email how to to find you 🙂


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